The tour around Töölönlahti is 2.2 kilometres. The equatorial circumference of the Earth is 40,000 kilometres – that is, 18,182 times the Töölönlahti tour. Run, jog or walk to go around Töölönlahti, and join us to tour the world for a common environmental goal!

If people log enough kilometres in six months touring Töölönlahti, Helsinki will make a €50,000 donation to the protection of the Baltic Sea from plastic waste.


  1. Start your tour of Töölönlahti wherever you like. If you do the whole tour, log at all logging points. If you only do part of the tour, log at two points. The logging points are located in the Töölönlahti Park, in the Hesperia Park and at the Linnunlaulu sports site.
  2. You can log your tour with the following NFC cards and devices: HSL travel cards, the key fobs or access cards of many offices, NFC-enabled smartphones, and credit and debit cards featuring contactless payment. If you have no NFC card or device, ask the Helsinki Container staff for assistance. The Container is located at Töölönlahti.
  3. Monitor the total kilometres on this site.

The use of NFC cards and devices with the NFC reader at logging points is safe. Your personal information and username are not asked or needed. The reader does not collect any information on users, and it does not charge users’ bank accounts or travel cards.

Join us to tour the world!