Finland’s Presidency period opens with a relaxing summer festival in the Töölönlahti Park and on the Kansalaistori Square on 8 July 2019. This public event invites everybody to picnic in the park, to play European outdoor games, to join a rock’n’roll workout with the Finnish band Waltari or traditional partner dances, and to make wreaths.

Programme and map (pdf)

Main stage

9.00–9.50 Waltari plays puistojumppa - workout in the park, live music
13.00–13.30 Event opening
14.30–15.00 Performance by Sandra Långbacka
15.45–16.15 Performance by the Stadi Party Band
17.00–17.50 Waltari plays puistojumppa - workout in the park, live music
20.00–21.00 Helsinki Cup opening

Children’s stage

10.00–10.45 Maapallo music nursery
14.00–14.10 Ruffle Army giant soap bubble show
15.00–15.45 Performance by the Pikku Papu Band
16.30–17.00 Playground Loru makes you sing and play

Villa Hakasalmi

11.00–17.00 Carefree Capital – an exhibition
11.30–12.30 1920’s workout
15.00–16.00 1920’s workout

Kansalaistori Square

10.00–20.00 Plastic Mama piece of environmental art
10.00–20.00 Escape Room with waste theme
10.30–11.00 Playground Loru makes you sing and play
11.00–20.00 The EU as a playing field
14.00–14.45 The Musiikkitalo – Helsinki Music Centre summer concert

Information corner

13.00–19.30 Event information corner
13.30–19.00 Starting point of My2050 environmental game
13.30–19.00 Starting point of Mobile Sonic Walk


13.30–19.00 Jylhä – multi art plant tunnel complex
13.30–19.00 Art workshops, nonstop
13.30–18.30 Hobbyhorse workshop and riding course, nonstop
14.00–15.00 Bath whisk workshop
17.00–18.00 Bath whisk workshop

Summer activities

9.00–21.00 Sauna by Töölö Bay Beach
9.00–19.00 Café Veranda, picnic baskets on sale
9.00–19.00 City boats, subject to a fee
9.00–19.00 Reading, games, and walking around Töölö Bay
10.00–17.00 Helsinki Cup junior football tournament
13.30–17.00 Garden games
14.00–16.00 Afternoon dance with a live band and under the guidance of a dance teacher
17.00–19.00 Afternoon dance with a live band and under the guidance of a dance teacher

Summer Day event invitation. Photo: Katri Lehtola /  Keksi Agency / Finland Promotion Board


The Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU opening festival is organized by the City of Helsinki in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office, Europe Information of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the representative offices in Finland of the European Parliament and Commission, and Helsinki Cup.



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