Töölönlahti is an important place for the people of Helsinki. It serves as sporting grounds for some and enriches the lives of many others with its nature and cultural offerings.

A walking tour of Töölönlahti allows you to experience both the beat of the city and the tranquility of nature. This green oasis of nature and culture is right next to the city centre! At Töölönlahti, you can hear birds sing and enjoy opera.

A walk around Töölönlahti on the path that circles the bay is a convenient way to see many of the main sights of Helsinki. The older Helsinki landmarks Finlandia Hall and Parliament House are complemented by new ones, including Helsinki Central Library Oodi and the roof of the subterranean Amos Rex art museum that forms mounds in the Lasipalatsi square, which are among Helsinki’s most popular public spaces.

The Hesperia Park, Töölönlahti Park, Kansalaistori and Makasiini Park bring people together, to attend urban events or simply to relax. You can enjoy Töölönlahti by yourself or in company at events.

Events at Töölönlahti

Töölönlahti is marked by cultural buildings that host free-of-charge public events throughout the year. You can download events from July to the end of the year into your calendar.
Download pdf (In Finnish)

Töölönlahti tour

The two-kilometre path circling Töölönlahti is a convenient way to see some of Helsinki’s main attractions.
Töölönlahti tour
Walking route, including map (pdf)

Töölönlahti Mobile Sound Walk

You can immerse yourself in the layers of Töölönlahti’s history on the Dreams of Töölö Bay mobile sound walk. The mobile walk consists of sounds and sound layers which refer to the history of the area as well as its current institutions and monuments. The listener can walk in the Töölönlahti area experiencing simultaneously the current soundscape and the dream-like sounds, composed by Mikael Hakkarainen.

Download the MsWalks app in your smartphone and allow the audio tour to take you to the area’s past!
Instructions how to use the Mobile Sound Walk (pdf)

​​​​​​More information on the sound walk (pdf)