Celebration at Töölönlahti – Helsinki movement challenge presents donation to Baltic Sea conservation

The successful conclusion of the Töölönlahti world tour will be celebrated on 4 December at 5–6 p.m. A joint lap around Töölönlahti will commence the festivities, where a choirs’ relay will set the pace.

Helsinki Central Library Oodi’s first year has been a success

Helsinki Central Library Oodi will turn one year old on 5 December. Opened on 5 December 2018, Oodi had a successful first year, as the estimates for the number of visits have already been far exceeded. Over the year, Oodi has also received numerous awards and a great deal of positive feedback from the public. 

Helsinki, the home city of Slush, is the best place in the world to strike a balance between work and time off

The world is full of buzzing tech hubs and colossal metropolises, but none of them is the planet’s happiest capital with the best work-life balance. When you add on top of that the world’s leading startup event Slush and Maria 01 – soon to be the biggest startup campus in Europe – Helsinki competes totally in its own league.

Helsinki celebrating work-life balance

Amidst global competition for talented professionals, Helsinki takes pride in its mission of becoming the most functional city in the world. The pursuit to provide a good life for its citizens has yielded good results. At Slush 2019, Helsinki takes on the hot topic of work-life balance.

First OmaStadi voting was a success

The voting phase of OmaStadi concluded at the end of October. The number of registered participants was 69,284. The number of voters was 49,705. The voter turnout reached almost eight percent. This was the biggest electronic voting event arranged by the public sector in Finland.