The next step will be refining the ideas gained during the brainstorming phase that ended on 25 October into actual proposals that will be put up for vote.

The next step will be refining the ideas gained during the brainstorming phase that ended on 25 October into actual proposals that will be put up for vote.

In terms of the sheer quantity of ideas, the most popular themes were sports and outdoor recreation, parks and nature, the built environment and communality.

“The OmaStadi brainstorming phase was much busier in the second season than the first one. Roughly 200 ideas more were submitted this time, which goes to show that people have clearly taken to participatory budgeting. Once again, we received excellent ideas for improving Helsinki’s functionality and comfort even further than before,” says Kirsi Verkka, Development Manager for the Participation and Citizen Information Unit.

Ideas were provided under a total of eight themes.
“This year, too, most themes pertain to green and comfortable living environments. The ideas strongly reflect the significance of nature and the outdoors to city residents. In Helsinki, all residential areas are maintained and developed based on the residents’ wishes. Participatory budgeting provides us with valuable insight into the kinds of environments Helsinki residents want in their neighbourhoods. I am very happy to be involved in the efforts to make Helsinki even more comfortable and suitable for its residents,” summarises Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki.

Learn more about the ideas here.

Joint development phase to begin in January

Starting from January, the ideas submitted to in October will be used to prepare new proposal in workshops organised by the City and on the OmaStadi website. You can keep up with and comment on the progress of the proposals on the website.

Residents and experts from the City organisation will be participating in the joint development efforts. The City’s experts will also estimate the implementation costs of the proposals.

The Helsinki of dreams is created together. OmaStadi.

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of providing participatory budgeting services. For the second season 2020–2021, Helsinki has allocated 8.8 million euros to realising the ideas submitted by local residents. The ideas will be developed together into proposals that Helsinki residents can vote on. The City will then bring the highest-voted proposals to reality.

All of the 44 top-ranking first season ideas will be executed this year or next year, at the latest.

The schedule may change due to the prevailing pandemic. Any changes will be published on the service and the City of Helsinki website

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Participatory budgeting

Video: The Helsinki of dreams is created together. OmaStadi.

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