Helsinki's vision is to be the most functional city in the world. How far have we come with this goal? Helsinki The City hires quality inspectors this summer to observe how the goals of the City Strategy are achieved in practice.

Helsinki The City hires quality inspectors this summer to observe how the goals of the City Strategy are achieved in practice.

The objects to be evaluated are, among other things, street construction sites, the City’s customer service counters, outdoor recreation areas, parks and playgrounds, signposts, senior centres and libraries. The work does not only involve observing, but also immediately correcting problems when needed. The observations are logged and will be used as a basis for the development work.

“The Most Functional City in the World provides, above all, the best possible conditions for a good and functioning everyday city life. Even if Helsinki, in many respects, already is a well-functioning city, we have our stumbling blocks, too. We will not get past them without work – we need persistence every day to be able to address even tricky problems as well as process development, vision and leadership, but also new kinds of experiments and new perspectives. That is why we are recruiting quality inspectors for the Most Functional City especially for those services and functions which we already know to be challenging and which we want to find new and even innovative solutions for”, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori emphasises.

In order to acquire as much information as possible about the current state of operations and services, the City is hiring 40 summer workers for contracts of different lengths to observe the City and its operations. Vapaavuori encourages applicants from different disciplines to join in.

“The quality inspectors evaluate what the city looks like through the eyes of its residents and visitors. We are looking for about ten engineering students or Master of Science students specifically for the task of evaluating the functionality of street construction sites. The other positions are more traditional youth jobs, but there is no age limit to the position of quality inspector. It would be ideal to get different people of various ages to evaluate and spur the City to achieve our goals”, Mayor Vapaavuori says.

The recruitment of engineer students to the positions of team leader and evaluator of street construction sites begins on 21 January. The general recruitment for quality inspectors of services and objects begins on 24 February.

More information

• The City of Helsinki is Finland's biggest employer. The Divisions and municipally owned companies will hire about 4,000 summer workers. The City-owned enterprises will also hire summer help.
• There are employment opportunities for workers of various ages at different points in their careers.
• The recruitment of summer jobs begins in January and continues during the spring.
• The City of Helsinki is a partner of the Responsible Summer Job campaign.

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The City of Helsinki is looking for thousands of summer workers


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