The implementation process of the first OmaStadi projects begins at the end of February. Follow the progress of the participatory budgeting projects at the service.

A site for following up on the projects has been opened as part of the platform. The site has information about the projects and is being updated continuously. There is information about, among other things, the content, prices, locations, timelines and contact persons of the projects. Through the website, residents can also comment on projects in the implementation phase.

The majority of the projects concerns the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division, which is in charge of 29 projects. The Culture and Leisure Division is in charge of the implementation of 10 projects, whereas the Education Division is in charge of 5.

‘Our aim is to complete as many projects as possible during this year. First, we will carry out the projects that do not require much planning. Such projects are, for instance, removing stones from Aurinkolahti beach, installing bottle and can racks in litter bins and placing benches and litter bins along pedestrian routes’, says Project Manager Nina Mouhu from the Urban Environment Division.

Developing together at Starttiraksa events

In February–March, the City arranges a number of events called Starttiraksa. They allow Helsinki residents who have created successful OmaStadi plans and the experts at the City of Helsinki in charge of implementing the projects to meet and elaborate together on the projects.

‘Developing together increases the transparency of the projects and ensures that the residents who have made the plans and the City are in agreement concerning the content of the plans’, says Borough Liaison Belinda Barbato.

Even after the Starttiraksa events, residents have the opportunity to participate in the planning and implementation of the projects through the service.

Helsinki residents chose 44 out of 296 plans in the OmaStadi vote arranged in October 2019. The City has reserved 4.4 million euros for the implementation of the chosen plans. Through the projects, Helsinki is being developed into a cosier, safer and more functional city.

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