The metropolitan area service map is an excellent tool for the person who wants to find Helsinki’s service units or information about their accessibility or the routes to them. On the service map you can find, among other things, the day-care centre, culture centre or sports hall closest to you.

The metropolitan area service map has been rebuilt in January and its use has been made easier. The objective of the rebuilding was, above all, to improve the accessibility and the findability of the data.

The new service map works with a screen reader and the data of the service is presented with simplicity and clarity in mind. The search functions of the service map have also been developed and its map and data can be viewed in a monochrome view, which for many is an easier way to understand and observe data. The objective has been to create the world’s most accessible service map.

“The improvement in the accessibility of the service map does not concern only those who use screen reader aids, but it helps each and every user of the service. When the data in the service has been presented clearly, the data is more comprehensible and easier to find than before”, says Henna Niemi, project planner of the service map.

Allthe public services of the metropolitan area in one place

The service map compiles all the information on how to reach the public services in the metropolitan area, such as contact information and opening hours. The accessibility data is also included for part of the service units. The service map includes both Helsinki’s own service units and private services, such as restaurants, sports premises and stores. The data of the service can also be viewed per address by searching and finding out which district or area the address belongs to. The data can be searched according to the name of the service unit or service or by address.

“Even the name of the world’s most accessible service map challenges everyone to produce digital services that are available to everyone. The services are for all of us. Special thanks to our accessibility expert Annanpura Oy, to the City of Turku for producing the high contrast map for us and to all the people who have participated in the testing of the service map and provided feedback on it. Every user of the service map is also a treasure to us, as this service exists solely for the user. The producers and administrators of the data are the enablers of the entire service”, says Mirjam Heikkinen, the project manager of the service map.

How does the service map work?

Use examples:

  • You are interested in the Chinese language and you are looking for schools teaching Chinese on the A1 level. Write A1 in the search box of the service map. You will already be offered search suggestions, of which you can choose A1 Chinese. As search results, you will get a list of the schools offering courses in A1 Chinese.
  • You have bought a new flat on Itäinen Brahenkatu 11 and you want to find out, which school is closest to your home. Write your address in the search box of the service map and choose the “Areas” tab. You will then see a list of all the Finnish and Swedish comprehensive schools.

The city of Helsinki’s service map looks up its data from four open public sector interfaces. All the data of the service map is also available as open data. The service can also be used on the smartphone.

Further information on the service map:

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Service map on Facebook (in Finnish):
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Pictureabove: Group photo of the makers of the service: TimoTuominen, Henna Niemi, Nina Kannisto, Aleksi Peiponen, Mikko Saarinen andMirjam Heikkinen. Tero Pesonen is missing from the picture.


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