Cuts to carbon emissions sought with artificial intelligence

Six European cities – Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Stavanger and Tallinn – join forces in a new project named AI4Cities. The project challenges enterprises, researchers and others to develop solutions utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to generate cuts to carbon dioxide emissions.

Hanna Harris appointed new chief design officer

Licentiate of Social Sciences and Urban Researcher Hanna Harris has been chosen for the position of chief design officer at the City of Helsinki. There were 50 applicants to the job. Harris will start her job on 9 March. She will transfer to the City of Helsinki from her current position as director at Archinfo Finland.

Helsinki ranked highly in smart city comparisons in 2019

Helsinki was ranked highly in several smart city comparisons in 2019. In addition to Helsinki being named the European Capital of Smart Tourism, other accolades included Kalasatama’s digital twin winning first prize at TechFest and the Helsinki-Uusimaa region being ranked the most innovative region in Europe.

Helsinki hires 40 summer workers as quality inspectors to observe the Most Functional City in the World

Helsinki's vision is to be the most functional city in the world. How far have we come with this goal? Helsinki The City hires quality inspectors this summer to observe how the goals of the City Strategy are achieved in practice.