Hanna Harris appointed new chief design officer

Licentiate of Social Sciences and Urban Researcher Hanna Harris has been chosen for the position of chief design officer at the City of Helsinki. There were 50 applicants to the job. Harris will start her job on 9 March. She will transfer to the City of Helsinki from her current position as director at Archinfo Finland.

City of Helsinki’s new Chief Design Officer Hanna Harris is specialised in making architecture and design visible, and making use of the opportunities they present in society. Previously, Harris has worked as programme director for Helsinki Design Week and the Finnish Institute in London. Design and architecture are essential contributors to the international competitiveness of Helsi... Read more »

Helsinki ranked highly in smart city comparisons in 2019

Helsinki was ranked highly in several smart city comparisons in 2019. In addition to Helsinki being named the European Capital of Smart Tourism, other accolades included Kalasatama’s digital twin winning first prize at TechFest and the Helsinki-Uusimaa region being ranked the most innovative region in Europe.

1. European Capital of Smart Tourism The European Commission named Helsinki last year’s European Capital of Smart Tourism. Several areas in Helsinki, such as Kalasatama, are constantly attracting innovation tourists interested in smart city solutions. 2. The best digital twin in Helsinki’s Kalasatama Read more »

Helsinki hires 40 summer workers as quality inspectors to observe the Most Functional City in the World

Helsinki's vision is to be the most functional city in the world. How far have we come with this goal? Helsinki The City hires quality inspectors this summer to observe how the goals of the City Strategy are achieved in practice.

Helsinki The City hires quality inspectors this summer to observe how the goals of the City Strategy are achieved in practice. Read more »

Helsinki Biennial pavilion to be built on Lyypekinlaituri

The City of Helsinki will build a pavilion and two new docks on the Lyypekinlaituri pier, located by Helsinki’s Old Market Hall. The pier will be the departure point for the ferry traffic to Helsinki Biennial and Vallisaari Island.

In the pavilion, people can buy ferry tickets and visit the Helsinki Tourist Information desk. In addition to the Market Square, another departure point to Vallisaari, the exhibition venue for Helsinki Biennial, will be located in Hakaniemi. There will also be a circular route running between the islands of Vallisaari, Lonna and Suomenlinna. Read more »

Preschool place with one SMS message in Helsinki

In the future, Helsinki will offer children nearing the preschool age, and their guardian, a preschool place without an application or rorms to fill, or calls to the day-care centre.

Forms to fill? Zero. Calls to the day-care centre? Zero. Henceforth, the guardian will receive an SMS message from the City and the place can be accepted by answering it. This is how the new digital Helsinki works. Read more »

Wood construction becomes more prevalent and is a City objective

“Wood is a material that binds carbon dioxide, and as Helsinki seeks to become carbon neutral by 2035, it’s self-evident that wood construction should be an element that furthers that goal,” states Helsinki Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki.

Consequently, Helsinki strives to promote wood construction in multiple ways. “Myself, I’m thinking that we should consider whether to set a definite objective with a percentage defined for wooden buildings and wood construction, when policies are next defined for building construction and land use in Helsinki,” Sinnemäki says. Read more »

Carbon Neutral Port 2035

The Port of Helsinki has committed to the Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 programme and has created its own associated programme: Carbon Neutral Port 2035. 

Its main objectives are for the Port of Helsinki’s own operations to be carbon neutral by 2035 and to reduce emissions in the entire harbour area by 32 per cent (compared to 2015). The majority of the Carbon Neutral Port 2035 programme’s measures will be implemented during the first five years, 2020–2024. Measures will be updated throughout the programme, as new solutions and techn... Read more »

New tools for Helsinki to evaluate the impact of design

The City of Helsinki initiated collaboration with Aalto University’s Department of Design last spring to evaluate the impact of design activities. The evaluation represents the first extensive survey of the City’s design projects and the benefits and challenges of those projects. The results of the evaluation were presented at the closing seminar of an Aalto University design course in December.

The City of Helsinki has utilised design for many years in the development of services and the built environment. Design has also been incorporated into strategy work and organisational development in recent years.  Read more »


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