Finland is one of the world’s leading countries in equality. Equality is the social innovation that has generated reforms and wealth in Finnish society. Equality is manifest in City operations in services provided for all on equal basis, such as schools, day care, health care and libraries. Sustainable urban development relies on equality, strong social cohesion and open citizen engagement.

According to Finland’s Non-discrimination Act, equality in Finland means gender equality, that is, the equality of men, women and sexual minorities. Cities and municipalities should promote gender equality actively and systematically in all operations and decision-making.

The City of Helsinki operates systematically to promote equality. No one should be discriminated against because of age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, religion, faith, viewpoints, state of health, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal reason.

The City actively seeks means to promote equality and diversity among the City personnel. One of the means is anonymous job applications, which aim to encourage people to apply for positions with the City regardless of their native language, nationality, age, gender and sexual orientation. Thus the City seeks to advance the opportunities of all to be recruited. 

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