Smart mobility plays an important role in the mitigation of climate change, as many smart mobility solutions represent shifts towards low-emission and carbon-free transport.

Helsinki is one of the world’s leading cities in smart mobility

Helsinki has established itself as a smart-mobility thought leader and frontline piloting city with the help of agile experiments and new initiatives. Smart mobility pilots are easy to carry out in Helsinki, as the Finnish legislation enables versatile tests with autonomous devices irrespective of the mode of transport. Permits for tests are easy to obtain in Finland and Helsinki, and it is easy to deal with the authorities.

Helsinki is known especially as the birthplace of the MaaS concept – Mobility as a Service. MaaS is one of the world’s most exciting mobility trends. With MaaS, people in a city can buy their mobility services as digital services, which makes car ownership unnecessary and people’s lives easier as a result. The Whim mobility app from the mobility operator MaaS Global has already spread from Helsinki to the UK and the Netherlands.

The development of self-driving robot buses has made major advances in Helsinki

Robot buses will be tested as part of the city’s public transport services in the next few years.

The first fully electric bus went into service in Helsinki in spring 2017. One-third of all buses serving the Helsinki metropolitan area in 2025 should be electric. Fast charging and a bidirectional charging station are piloted as parts of the smart grid to support smart and electric mobility.

5G networks are expanding in Finland and Helsinki, offering new opportunities for smart mobility. Helsinki collaborates actively with 5G technology providers.

Smart mobility in Helsinki is also making advances in maritime transport. Areas of development include a for-profit peer-to-peer platform for on-demand boat rides, autonomous vessels, increasingly automated data transfer, a smart channel, remote control of vessels and smart port logistics.

Helsinki has its own innovation company specializing in smart city co-creation – Forum Virium Helsinki. Innovations become standard practices as City divisions and public enterprises adopt smart solutions. Once new practices and solutions have been developed and tested in Helsinki, they can generate new scalable international business.

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FinEst Smart Mobility project

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FinEst Smart Mobility project:
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